Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fur Trader Era- Sapphire Mountain Men

Black Powder Rifle/ Pistol and Smoothbores

Pre 1840's

Monthly Shooting Match Schedule/Meetings
Meeting to start at Noon
Sundays at the Hellgate Civilian Shooting Range, Bonner, MT - $5 shooter fee
Contact for directions if you need them!

2012 schedule:
Jan 8- Santa Hat Rifle Shoot
Feb12- Presidents Day Rifle shoot
March 10- Start to Tune up for Rendezvous Season Rifle shoot

April 21 - Saturday 11am - 4 pm Public Days and Rifle Shoot
An event open to the public to learn about events and
try shooting a blackpowder rifle.
Club members and 4H teen competition.
Rendezvous displays

May- no scheduled shoot
Jun 10- Summer time Pistol shoot
Jul 8- Red White and Blue- Rifle shoot
Celebrate Independence day!!
Aug12- Rifle shoot- weather and fire season dependent
Contact club members if unsure of conditions
Sept 9- Pistol shoot
Oct 14- Tume up the Blackpowder rifle for Hunting Season!
Nov- No shoot- good luck hunting
Dec-9- Mistletoe and Holly Rifle shoot
Hot cocoa and cookies too

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  1. I'm with the Boy Scouts of America and we are looking for a volunteer for a day to discuss early hide prep and tanning methods. The event will be on June 12th in Victor, MT. Please contact me at THe gent that originally was planning on participating got called away on family business for that weekend and suggested I contact you fine folks. As you can see, time is of the utmost. I appreciate your immediate consideration of this matter and hope to receive word soon!

    Thanks again!


Raised Campfire

Raised Campfire

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Dutch Ovens Ready for Dinner