Thursday, January 22, 2009

About the Club

The Sapphire Mountain Men Shooting Club promotes safe use of muzzle loading firearms of the pre 1840’s era for historic interest.

The club works toward developing accurate period representations, honesty, fellowship, good sportsmanship, and patriotism.

The club sponsors the Wildhorse Rendezvous every Memorial Day weekend.

The Wildhorse Rendezvous has been held in Cyr, MT on forest service land for over 10 years.

Competition in rifle, pistol and smoothbore are held near the Saw Mill Gultch meadow. The reenactors range from full primitive camps to first timers (pilgrims). The camp is open to the public.

***Sapphire Mountain Men** PO Box 2952 Missoula, MT 59806 ***

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Raised Campfire

Raised Campfire

Dutch Ovens Ready for Dinner

Dutch Ovens Ready for Dinner